Evolving media needs an evolving law practice.


The technical, expressive, and commercial characteristics of video games have challenged lawmakers for decades. The nuanced complexity of video games has demanded an application of legal principles drawn from multiple fields, including Intellectual Property Law, Constitutional Law, and Business Law.

Once regarded by many in the legal field as a passing fad, the video game industry is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Video games are technical achievements, expressive art, and commercial properties. They deserve the best legal protections. 

Loading Law is an evolving law practice that excels in the needs of video game developers and tech entrepreneurs. 


Ross A. Hersemann

Founder of Loading Law

Ross is the Founder of Loading Law, a Chicago-based law practice, and provides legal counsel to video game developers and entrepreneurs in the tech sector. Ross is also the Organizer of the Chicago Video Game Law Summit and an Adjunct Professor of Video Game Law at DePaul University. He speaks frequently on hot topics in law and technology. Ross also serves as the Chair of IGDA Chicago, Chair of the CBA YLS Creative Arts Committee, and Vice Chair of the ABA IPL Digital Games and New Media Committee.